Stories of Impact

Finding Hope

Chanelle’s story is one of loss, struggle, and ultimately, transformation. A former educator, Chanelle faced a series of devastating personal losses that led her down a dark path of addiction and homelessness. Yet, amidst the hardship, she found hope.

Chanelle’s journey began with promise, earning a degree in education and embarking on a teaching career. However, tragedy struck repeatedly: the loss of her mother, followed by a string of close family members. To cope with the overwhelming grief, Chanelle turned to substances, ultimately losing her job, her home, and custody of her children.

For four years, Chanelle was “backpack homeless”, often choosing incarceration over the harshness of a winter on the streets. A particularly abusive relationship and a psychotic episode led to her arrest and a referral to drug court. This pivotal moment became a turning point, as it sparked a desperate need for change.

Entering Pathways Adult Residential Treatment Center, Chanelle heard about Love In the Name of Christ (Love INC). A simple phone call with Sandy, Love INC’s Connection Center Coordinator, left a lasting impression. Despite not being able to offer immediate assistance, Sandy’s genuine kindness and prayers resonated deeply with Chanelle, planting a seed of hope. “Sandy treated me like a real person and prayed with me,” Chanelle recalls.

As Chanelle progressed through treatment, the memory of Love INC and that impactful phone call stayed with her. Over a year later, finally clean and ready to rebuild her life, Chanelle reached out to Love INC again. This time, she was provided with much-needed furniture, clothes, and household items, giving her a foundation for her new start. She also enrolled in Love INC’s Emerge program.

Emerge proved to be a transformative experience for Chanelle. With the help of a budget mentor and supportive instructors, she tackled her long-neglected debts head-on, learning valuable financial management skills. The program fostered a sense of security and self-worth, empowering Chanelle to take control of her future.

Today, Chanelle has graduated from Emerge, but remains actively involved, volunteering as the Emerge Assistant. Tuesday nights find her back at Love INC, guiding others along a similar path of recovery, offering them the same support she once received.