Stories of Impact

Starting Over

Mary* came from South America in August with two of her children, leaving the oldest one behind. They were fleeing political persecution and physical abuse. It wasn’t the first time, but now they were fleeing for their lives, leaving everything behind. She left with a plan to eventually open a luncheonette in America.

Now here, she’d found an apartment and her oldest daughter secured the deposit for her. A gentleman who was also an immigrant, paid the first month’s rent. Now Yakima Neighborhood Health was helping her get established with medical appointments and registering her kids for school. But, they needed everything-clothes, beds, dishes, towels, furniture, the things most of us take for granted. That’s when Jennifer from Neighborhood Health called Love INC. She acted as an advocate and interpreter for Mary, pouring out their needs. They didn’t qualify for any assistance other than food stamps. Could Love INC help?

By God’s grace the answer was YES! We were going to be able to provide most of what they needed, with one exception-beds. Mary needed 3 beds, one for her and one for each of her children, but on the day she called, Love INC had none. The Connection Center scheduled their day to come and shop for what they needed while we prayed for beds to come in.

The day before Mary came in to shop, three mattresses were donated that they were able to take, along with 3 bed frames that were already in the warehouse. Because of the generous donations we have received-clothes, furniture, housewares and more-we were able to help them start their new lives. Mary beamed and thanked the LORD for the help she received.

*Name changed to protect confidentiality