Love In The Name of Christ of Yakima, the bridge between those in need and local Churches

Love INC empowers our neighbors to get “unstuck” and equips them for freedom.

Meet the Leadership

Love In the Name of Christ relies heavily on faithful volunteers. Click here to see what you can do to help.

Love In The Name of Christ Staff:

Keith Mathews

Interim Director

Larena Mills
TEAM Program Coordinator

(T.H. Evangelical Presbyterian Church)

Sandy Hagstrand, Connection Center Coordinator

Selah Covenant Church

Samantha Girard
Operations Coordinator

(West Valley Church)

Love In the Name of Christ Board of Directors:

Our local Love INC board of directors is made up of several members who represent multiple denominations.

Keith Mathews
Board Chair

(Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church)

Sheryl Raddas

(Yakima Alliance Church)

Dixie Palmer
Board Treasurer

(35th Ave. Seventh Day Adventist Church)

Don Jameson
Board Member

(Westside Church)

Buzz Rowe
Board Member

(Yakima Covenant Church)

Joe Cozzetto
Board Member

(Holy Family)